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Join us in the World of English as Creative Adventure

English Eagle – a learner-centric enrichment center that teaches the English language in a way that children understand and remember through experimentation, participation, and most of all – fun!
Through our revolutionary BrainThink Learning methodology, we develop children’s 5 brain abilities and spark their imagination and creativity through storytelling to get them to think outside the box.

Why Play to Learn?

For children, playing and learning are inseparable! However, many parents see playtime as a distraction to education – this is misconceived! It’s actually the key to learning.

Playtime has many benefits in stimulating children’s brain development! In fact, children will pay more attention to academic tasks when they are given frequent, brief opportunities for free play leading them to learn the subjects.

Our Story

Our Vision

A global organisation that enriches children’s minds to have a solid foundation to grow and flourish with amazing possibilities.

Our Mission

Provide safe and stimulating environments, collaborate with parents’ communities to inspire our children to think and learn happily

Our Value

  • Love for children
  • Passion for educating
  • Collaboration with parents
  • Nurture talents
  • Respect for communities

Our Programs

Play to Learn

Children pay more attention if academic tasks include fun to raise their curiosity and motivation, leading them to learn the subjects.

Story Telling

Children love stories. They are drawn to stories like bees to honey. Children naturally inhabit fantasy worlds, and stories express better.

BrainThink Learning

Give Your Children A Lifetime Advantage! Grow up with creative thinking in the form of storytelling led by our instructors.

5 Brain Abilities

Your child’s learning process and problem-solving capability have much to do with their brain’s abilities. Children think when triggered by curiosities.

Love of Learning

Children develop a natural process of loving the concept that interests them. We at English Eagle, aim to develop the love of learning in every student.

Success Stories

Trust the people already a part of our system. Experience from their children's growth patterns and choose the best for your child and his growth.

Success Stories

I will recommend English Eagle. The teacher lets my daughter learn in a relaxed and fun way which makes her look forward to classes every week.

Ms. Emilia, mother of Ranee

I think it is more helpful than classes at school. She said it was fun. I am satisfied with the class too. Thank you.

Ms. Han Jeon, mother of Hamin

Teachers at English Eagle are always full of energy. They bring a lot of tricks and passion to teaching my son. A big thank you for giving time to all the students. My son enjoys his classes especially playing games to understand his lessons.

Ms. Stephanie, mother of Dezmond
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