English Eagle

What is English Eagle?

English Eagle – a learner centric enrichment teaches the English language in a way that children understand and remember through experimentation, participation, and most of all – fun!

Through our revolutionary BrainThink Learning methodology, we develop children’s 5 brain abilities and spark their imagination and creativity through storytelling to get them think outside the box.

We nurture children’s imaginative souls—let their IMAGINATION go wild! After all, today’s imagination is tomorrow’s reality, and imagination and action are the key ingredients to success.


Our Vision

Provide safe and stimulating environments, collaborate with parents’ communities to inspire our children to think and learn happily.

Our Mission

The global organisation which enriched children’s mind to have solid foundation to grow and flourish with amazing possibilities.

Our Value

  • Love for children
  • Passion for educating
  • Collaboration with parents
  • Nurture talents
  • Respect for communities



With years of experience in teaching, we have observed that children (or even adults) who consistently fail to understand a range of subjects or matters have underdeveloped 5 Brain Abilities!


This observation proves that children’s brain capabilities (or more commonly referred to as ‘IQ’) are closely related to their performance at school, and even their social life and happiness.


The good news is – your children’s 5 Brain Abilities can be nurtured and developed! As such, assessing your child’s 5 brain abilities is a good start for you to understand your child’s cognitive skills and provide the suitable education programmes.

“Don’t prepare the path for the child, prepare the child for the path”

- Tim Elmore

After all, today’s imagination is tomorrow’s reality. The imagination is the starting point of all possibilities when we turn intentions into actions. The world our children are born into today is permanently evolving and changing. They will encounter many opportunities but also many challenges. Our goal is to prepare our children to not be afraid to make mistakes and be futureready. Therefore, our children have to develop their resilience right from the start – and they will benefit from it for their whole lives.

Our BrainThink Learning Instructor

It is our belief that every child is unique, they all learn differently. Our BrainThink instructors will teach according to how the brain works. Lesson plans are creative and adaptable to improve their understanding.

BrainThink Learning methodology is all about thinking approach, encouraging curiosities, and engaging children to enquire and explore possibilities. Through BrainThink Learning and play-to-learn programs, the activities are specifically designed to trigger your child with lots of excitement. Children will be Curious -> Explore -> Test -> Repeat to learn until they Master it.

Not only do children develop a love for the language, but they also develop critical self-esteem at a young age. Their curiosities and excitement will bring out the best in them!

Happy children with teacher  playing with color play dough at classroom


  • We create a stress free and effective learning environment.
  • We encourage experimentation as a learning tool.
  • We foster a love of English while developing children’s creativity,  problem solving skills and self-esteem.

Success Stories

I will recommend English Eagle. The teacher lets my daughter learn in a relaxed and fun way which makes her look forward to classes every week.

Ms. Emilia, mother of Ranee

I think it is more helpful than classes at school. She said it was fun. I am satisfied with the class too. Thank you.

Ms. Han Jeon, mother of Hamin

Teachers at English Eagle are always full of energy. They bring a lot of tricks and passion to teaching my son. A big thank you for giving time to all the students. My son enjoys his classes especially playing games to understand his lessons.

Ms. Stephanie, mother of Dezmond

Every child has 5 brain abilities to perform wonders !