English Eagle


Some doubts we have cleared for our parents in advance. 

We are an English enrichment centre that not only teaches English, but also facilitates children to develop their 5 Brain Abilities using the BrainThink Learning methodology.
Classes are conducted with enjoyable “play-to-learn” environment and fascinating storytelling sessions to learn English.

English Eagle program will develop confidence to communicate in English.

Active speaking will be the result of thinking process from reading, listening and writing in English.

With BrainThink learning methodology, children will be thinking and learning to present and communicate their ideas and indirectly develop their 5 brain abilities. This process will enhance their school performances and growing up process.

Learning conducted in a fun environment encourages creativity and gives children a natural motivation to continue exploring and learn throughout their whole lives. Children who learn in this environment are calmer and a creative problem solver who grow up to become confident adults.

English Eagle’s activities will create fun for him/her to participate which will lead to speaking English.

English Eagle caters for 4 to 12 years old.

English Eagle lessons are part of active learning. Children will go back to present to their parents as part of communicating their mind and cultivates positive learning behaviours while reinforcing class material. Parents listening –  is one of the most common things that parents can do to support their children’s learning.

Classes generally encourage development through ‘play-to-learn’ approach designed to support your child’s growth at his or her own individual pace. Structured, play-based activities are facilitated by a trained teacher. Problem-solving games, storytelling support creative thinking, language development and social interaction.

BrainThink Learning is a methodology that triggers children curiosity and activate their thinking process to learn. It is a process of Curiosity-Explore-Test-Repeat-Master where the 5 brain abilities play a major function in problem solving skills. This will strengthen their understanding of using English to communicate their ideas and avoid relying on memorizing technique only.

English Eagle lessons promote critical thinking focusing on speaking English.

Young children from all races and nationalities will have fun in their lessons and communicate in their own ways to tell their stories. We will improve their phonics, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation etc.

We focus on output from their mind ie speaking. This process will improve their reading, listening and writing while having fun. Young children will not feel ‘odd’ with everyone doing their own ways to express themselves and win rewards!

Most schools focus on reading with less on speaking. English Eagle focuses on speaking with storytelling and this will include reading, listening and writing.